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Explore the Benefits of BB Cream and Mineral Foundation


Any good makeup look starts with a foundation such as BB cream or mineral foundation and there are a range of different products available in NZ. Your foundation is the base on which you’ll create your entire look, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your skin. You can find natural makeup and the brands you love at Country Glow.

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Quoi Quoi Radiant Finish Sheer Mineral Tint Foundation
$69.00 NZD
Quoi Quoi Colour correcting Face Cream SPF 20
$69.00 NZD
ESMI ESMI Maximum Coverage Liquid Mineral Foundation with spf 15
$56.50 NZD
Quoi Quoi SPF 30 BB Face Cream
$69.00 NZD
PONi PONi Unicorn Candy Ombre Pink & Coral Face Blush
$44.99 NZD
PONi PONi Unicorn Chocolate Ombre Bronzer Powder
$44.99 NZD
ESMI ESMI Loose Mineral Powder Foundation
$63.50 NZD
PONi PONi Unicorn Champagne Highlighter Powder
$44.99 NZD
Quoi Quoi High Coverage Liquid Concealer
$49.00 NZD
Skindinavia Skindinavia Make Up Setting Spray Original
$39.95 NZD
ESMI Esmi Skin Shield Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Antioxidant Protection
$47.00 NZD
ESMI ESMI Liquid Mineral Foundation MEDIUM Sample Pack
$12.00 NZD
Skindinavia Skindinavia Make Up Setting Spray Oil Control
$39.95 NZD
Quoi Quoi Face Colour Correctors anti redness, conceal dark circles
$59.00 NZD
ESMI ESMI Liquid Mineral Foundation FAIR Sample Pack
$12.00 NZD
Quoi Quoi Retexture Cr̬eme Pump Face & Foundation Primer
$79.00 NZD
Quoi Quoi Champagne Powder Highlighter
$79.00 NZD
Quoi Quoi Rio De Janeiro Face Makeup Bronzer
$79.00 NZD
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