MOR are the creators of beautifully crafted bath, body and lifestyle products for those seeking indulgent escapes from everyday.

Transform your daily bath and body routine to a multi-sensory experience, with MOR signature scents formulated with selected natural ingredients. 

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MOR MOR Roll On Perfume Oils
$19.99 NZD
MOR MOR Little Luxuries Perfumed Hand Creams
$15.99 NZD
MOR MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter
$19.99 NZD
MOR MOR Emporium Classics Bohemienne Petite Reed Diffuser 40ml
$29.99 NZD
MOR MOR Hand and Body Moisturiser Milks 500ml
$44.99 NZD
MOR MOR Pomegranate Reed Diffuser 180ml
$59.99 NZD
MOR MOR Lip Macarons Lip Balm
$14.99 NZD
MOR MOR Perfume Spray 14.5ml
$39.99 NZD
MOR MOR Sugar Body Exfoliating Scrubs 600g
$42.99 NZD
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