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Oils & Lotions

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MOR MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter
$19.99 NZD
B.Tan B.Tan Forever + Ever Self Tan Mousse
$19.99 NZD
B.Tan B.tan Disco Candy Tan Transfer Resistant Self Tan Mousse
$19.99 NZD
Minetan MineTan EOD Luxe Gradual Tanning Milk 354ml
$32.50 NZD
MOR MOR Hand and Body Moisturiser Milks 500ml
$44.99 NZD
Minetan MineTan My Moroccan Self Tan Foam
$34.90 NZD
Minetan MineTan Luxe Foamed Tanning Oil
$34.90 NZD
B.Tan B.Tan Self Tan Booster Drops
$20.99 NZD
B.Tan B.Tan Tan Go Away Coffee Scrub
$17.99 NZD
MOR MOR Sugar Body Exfoliating Scrubs 600g
$42.99 NZD
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