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PONi cosmetics is unlike anything you already own. So much care and consideration has gone into each and every product launched to ensure:

  • It is easy to use
  • It feels good on
  • It is quick to apply
  • The person using who isn't a professional makeup artist is able to use it
  • Its unique
  • High quality

More often than not PONi products have a multi-purpose or a 'one for all' shade so versatile for all seasons and skin tones.

PONi is created to light the confidence fire inside every woman when she applies our makeup because she looks good,she feels amazing and she feels powerful.


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PONi PONi The White Knight Waterproof Mascara
$34.50 NZD
PONi PONi Lip Magic Nourishing Colour Changing Lip Balm
$22.99 NZD
PONi PONi Eyebrow Powder Duo
$37.99 NZD
PONi PONi Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum
$67.99 NZD
PONi PONi Unicorn Candy Ombre Pink & Coral Face Blush
$44.99 NZD
PONi PONi Brow Loves natural eyebrow pencil
$29.99 NZD
PONi PONi Unicorn Chocolate Ombre Bronzer Powder
$44.99 NZD
PONi PONi Unicorn Champagne Highlighter Powder
$44.99 NZD
PONi PONi Brow Magic award winning eyebrow pencil
$33.50 NZD
PONi PONi Mane Stain Waterproof Brow Gel Liner
$45.99 NZD
PONi PONi Brow Pops brow highlighter, eyeshadow primer & concealer
$34.50 NZD
PONi PONi Zebra Brow gel
$29.99 NZD
PONi PONi Black Pegasus Felt Tip Eye Liner Pen
$33.50 NZD
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