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Btan Tanned AF Body Tanning Foam

$19.99 NZD

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You asked for it B.Tan created it!!

darkest 1 hour tan mousse.when the darkest tan possible just isnt quite dark enough, where do you go? To the darkest darkest tan possible of course ;) youre obviously a super obsessed tanning addict with a huge tanning problem, and were not here to judge. in fact darling, were here to enable.

  • Darkest 1 hour tan mousse. When the darkest tan possible isnt quite dark enough.
  • No gimmicks, no fake tan smell just the most awesome, darkest tan on the planet
  • 1Hr development leave on 4+hrs for a crazy dark tan
  • Paraben free, Vegan friendly + 100% natural DHA

200 ml | 6.7 fl oz


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