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Welcome to Country Glow

We use our expertise to handpick quality, internationally renowned products for our boutique makeup & beauty store. Because everyone deserves to find their shine.

With so many makeup brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming. As a professional makeup artist, Country Glow’s founder Christy knows makeup. She handpicks every product and is dedicated to sourcing and providing some of the best beauty products in the industry.
Christy believes everyone should feel confident wearing and using makeup to enhance their natural beauty or feel polished and beautiful for special occasions.
Country Glow is a New Zealand owned and operated business based in the beautiful Mackenzie Basin. 


Country Glow is an official supplier to all brands advertised and sold on the Country Glow website.
All make up is cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Buy Natural Makeup in NZ Online at Country Glow

When it comes to buying makeup in NZ online, there are some simple ways to ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase. By learning as much as you can about a brand or product and finding a trustworthy seller such as Country Glow, you can easily get all the makeup that you need from the comfort of your own home.

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We Stock Some of The Best Local Brands of Cosmetics Online in NZ

It wasn’t that long ago that shopping online was a new concept – and a risky one at that. Today, nearly everyone shops online, as there is a more extensive selection of products available, returns are easy, and your credit card information is secure. Here are some excellent reasons to buy your New Zealand cosmetics online.


Better prices. Because buying online offers you so many options, it’s easier to shop around for lower prices. There are also often exclusive offers and special deals, so online is the way to go when you want to find the best prices possible on your favourite makeup products.

More products. When you shop in a physical store, you’re limited to what’s in stock at that moment. However, online stores typically stock a wider variety of products, including some that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

Ultimate convenience. It can take time to find the right cosmetics for your skin. Instead of spending hours in stores, you can do your research online without even leaving your house. Product descriptions and user reviews often provide all the information that you need to make the right choices – and if you don’t love something, returns are easier than ever.

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Whether you decide to shop online or in our store, you’ll end up happy with your purchases:


Factor in the seasons. Depending on where you live, you may need to factor in seasonal concerns such as humidity or rainy seasons. For example, cold weather can dry out your skin, so you may need moisturising products. Summertime may call for a fresher, more natural look.

Do your research. Look at reviews for products or ask your friends and family what products they are loving right now. You should also educate yourself on different makeup brands and products before you buy to maximise your odds of loving your selections.

Buy what you need. The smartest move is to buy what you need at the time and shop what works for your skin type. Keep in mind, makeup expires – it doesn’t stay fresh indefinitely so make sure you are replacing old products with fresh ones when they do. Also, new colours and products come out all the time, so be sure to leave yourself room (both in your budget and in your makeup case) to indulge in these new items.

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About Country Glow

When you’re looking for online beauty stores in NZ, Country Glow is the answer. We offer quality skincare, professional-quality makeup, natural and chemical-free products, and ethical beauty solutions for women and men. If you’re in the market for simple, everyday makeup, contact us to learn more or if you are in the area come into our store, we offer classes to help you perfect your makeup skills.

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